In 2002 Stuart Hunnable graduated from the North Oxfordshire College & School of Art, in the UK, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design and Illustration. He then went on to spend the next couple of years working, on a freelance basis, for the Avalon Studios Group, based in Oxfordshire, where he designed and animated interactives and web-based games for a number of high-profile creative properties, including Alice in Wonderland, Huntley and Palmer Biscuits, and the BBC’s acclaimed Walking with series.Photo of Stuart Hunnable

March 2006 saw something of a change in direction for Stuart – he became the Learning Support Technician in the Additional Learning Support department at Braintree College (Essex, UK) where, among other things, he managed the department’s equipment and software, provided software training for students, and re-designed and maintained the department’s staff and student intranet sites.

Whilst in this role, he would often be tasked with the job of sourcing new educational software for the department. Gradually, the idea of working on such software, in a designer-animator capacity, became an increasingly appealing prospect for him, and in April of 2007 Stuart went back to his creative roots and established Pencilwood Studios, with the aim of doing just that. Initially, he set his sights on designing ebooks and interactive whiteboard games for the Primary education sector, and was soon working with some extremely well established names in the industry, including the award-winning independant educational publisher Shoo Fly Publishing and the Times Newspaper’s educational department (TES)

Over time, Pencilwood Studios’ remit has evolved to include many other creative avenues, such as logo design, branding, stationary, ecards, infographics, editorial design, and apparel, to name a few, but educational content still continues to be a major component. With the advent of smartphones and portable tablets came a new potential outlet for educational interactive design, in the form of apps, and Pencilwood Studios was quick to get involved in this fast-growing medium, providing game components for leading educational app developers Apps in my Pocket and Playtend, whilst also providing many of the graphics for a storytelling app called Zombies ate my City by Chaos Created, as featured on the BBC’s flagship technology show BBC Click.

Now based in Winnipeg, Canada, Stuart continues to be passionate about producing good design and animation, and is always trying to push himself in new creative directions. He’s married to Becky, loves film and cinema, and has a passion for collecting animation memorabilia.