Napoleon Dynamite Cartoon

I watched the first two episodes of the new animated series of Napoleon Dynamite last night, and actually thought it was really good! It probably helps that I’m a big fan of the original 2004 film, and this, I felt, complimented that movie quite nicely. Not only does it feature the same cast of characters, who are mostly voiced by the original actors, but it also did a great job of retaining that same off-beat, indie feel, whilst adding a bit of extra pace, and a concoction of even more bizarre situations – a shift in direction that works really well for this different format. By staying true to the original source material, with a few nice little additions here and there, I think they’ve created a great companion piece. I would say, far better to have done this than to have a added two or three movie sequels. I look forward to seeing what future episodes have in store, but this was certainly a great start.

Napoleon Dynamite

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