Tintin car art

Just to continue the car art theme… my wife took this picture, of a mini with a scene from Tintin applied to the side of it, for me when she was away in California recently, and I thought, with the new Tintin movie being released (in some parts of the world anyway) this week, now would be quite an opportune time to post it. Although I can’t say that I’ve actually read many of the Tintin comics, I love HergĂ©’s illustration style, and I’m actually quite excited about seeing the film when I get the chance! The fact that it’s animated (albeit in Motion Capture) adds even more appeal to it for me. I’ve actually been reading a biography of HergĂ© off and on for a year or so now, so perhaps I should set myself the target of completing the book before I go and see the film!

Tintin Car

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