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Tintin car art

Just to continue the car art theme… my wife took this picture, of a mini with a scene from Tintin applied to the side of it, for me when she was away in California recently, and I thought, with the new Tintin movie being released (in some parts of the world anyway) this week, now would be quite an opportune time to post it. Although I can’t say that I’ve actually read many of the Tintin comics, I love HergĂ©’s illustration style, and I’m actually quite excited about seeing the film when I get the chance! The fact that it’s animated (albeit in Motion Capture) adds even more appeal to it for me. I’ve actually been reading a biography of HergĂ© off and on for a year or so now, so perhaps I should set myself the target of completing the book before I go and see the film!

Tintin Car

Scott Wills’ Samurai Jack backgrounds

I really love background art in animation (both in terms of creating it, and also as an art form in general), and Scott Wills is up there as one of the best in the field, in my opinion anyway, so I thought I’d feature just a small sample of his amazing background art from Samurai Jack.

Samurai Jack 1

Samurai Jack 2

Samurai Jack 3

Romero Britto car art

As a big fan of Romero Britto’s artwork, and also a big car fan, I was really excited to come across this picture recently of Britto’s artwork applied to a Volvo! This is actually something I would love to have the opportunity to do some day with my own artwork. I used to own a vintage three wheeled van (will maybe feature it on here at some point, since it was a source of inspiration for a particular series of illustrations I produced a while ago), and this is something I would have really liked to have done with that. A missed opportunity I guess!

Britto Car 4

The Super Dictionary

I recently came across this bizarre, and quite frankly pretty hilarious dictionary on Scans Daily. It’s a full length superhero-themed dictionary for children, published in 1978 by Warner Educational Services. Here’s a few samples from it. Enjoy!

The Super Dictionary

The Super Dictionary

The Super Dictionary

The Super Dictionary