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Holli Conger’s Illustrations

Whilst listening to one of my favourite podcasts, Escape form Illustration Island, some time ago, I came across a great children’s illustrator called Holli Conger. She has a fantastic style, which she applies across quite a wide variety of media. I was checking out her website again recently and also discovered that she has a pretty interesting blog, called A Girl who Creates, so I just thought I’d feature a couple of her illustrations on here. Alongside the more traditional approaches to illustration, she also, on occasion, illustrates in clay, which gives a really unique feel to her work, and adds even more versatility to her portfolio!

Holli Conger 2

Holli Conger 3

Jirka Väätäinen’s Real Life Disney Princesses

I recently heard about an artist who has re-drawn several famous Disney characters to give the impression that they are “real life” people through photo manipulation, so thought I’d find a few examples and post them on here. The artist is called Jirka Väätäinen, and he’s a Finnish design enthusiast currently studying graphic design at the Arts University College at Bournemouth, UK. Here’s a sample of a few of the Disney princesses he’s reinterpreted – clockwise from top left: Cinderella, Princess Jasmine (from Aladdin), Rapunzel (from Tangled), and Mulan. To see more of his art, visit Väätäinen’s blog.

Real Life Disney Princesses

The King’s 6th Finger, by Jolby & Friends

I came across a great children’s book recently, called “The King’s 6th Finger”. It’s a collaborative effort between illustration and design studio Jolby & Friends and Rachel Roellke. To quote from their website, it’s “a tale about a King named Mortimer who is obsessed with the number 5. He has 5 towers on his castle, 5 moats around it, 5 knights on 5 horses, 5 queens, 5 servants, 5 meals… he’s obsessed! Until one day, from his five-legged chair, he looks down at his hand and discovers that he’s grown a 6th finger! What will he do? How does he remove it? What crazy plans do his advisors have in store for him? You’ll have to get your hands on the book to see!”

The Kings 6th Finger

The Kings 6th Finger

The Kings 6th Finger

Mike Yamada’s Zoo Zoom Alphabet Cards

Seen as a lot of my own work often has an educational aspect to it, it’s always great to come across work by other artists that happens to have a particularly educational bent (the Super Dictionary being one such, albeit strange, example). I was excited, therefore, to stumble across this great set of animal-automobile-themed alphabet flash cards by Mike Yamada, a visual development artist at Dreamworks. I originally discovered these on Yamada’s blog, Extracurricular Activities, but also found that you can purchase them at Gallery Nucleus.

Zoo Zoom Alphabet Cards

Stephan Pastis’ Peals before Swine

I really love the Pearls Before Swine comic strips, by Stephan Pastis. I came across them online a few years ago, and have several of the books. I really enjoy reading them when I get a chance, although it has been a while, I have to admit! They’re certainly great for a laugh though! Here’s one I picked fairly randomly to feature on here, but, according to Pastis himself, this is actually the strip that is probably most closely identified with the Pearls series. Must get one of the more recent books soon, so I can stay up to date with it!

Pearls Before Swine

Scott Wills’ Samurai Jack backgrounds

I really love background art in animation (both in terms of creating it, and also as an art form in general), and Scott Wills is up there as one of the best in the field, in my opinion anyway, so I thought I’d feature just a small sample of his amazing background art from Samurai Jack.

Samurai Jack 1

Samurai Jack 2

Samurai Jack 3

Romero Britto car art

As a big fan of Romero Britto’s artwork, and also a big car fan, I was really excited to come across this picture recently of Britto’s artwork applied to a Volvo! This is actually something I would love to have the opportunity to do some day with my own artwork. I used to own a vintage three wheeled van (will maybe feature it on here at some point, since it was a source of inspiration for a particular series of illustrations I produced a while ago), and this is something I would have really liked to have done with that. A missed opportunity I guess!

Britto Car 4