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Here’s a drawing I did of our new puppy Marley as a Valentines Day gift for my wife Becky. As much as it has the look of a quick, and relatively rough sketch, it actually took me quite a while to create. Firstly, I wanted to give it a relatively Disney-esque look, which isn’t particularly close to my own natural style, so required a fair bit of research and trail runs. Secondly, I had to adapt his facial features to something significantly more cartoony, which, it turns out, isn’t particularly easy to do with a dog, and lastly, I had to contend with creating that “rough” finish, with lots of construction lines, etc, which, I have to admit, was added artificially, as that’s just not how I really tend to work, but I was pretty happy with the end result, and, more importantly, Becky loved it!

Marley Sketch